We believe that the prosperity of any project lies within the relationships among management.

From day one, our estimators, superintendents, project managers, and project engineers are involved from day one on any project – whether it be design-assist or submitting a bid.

The highest costs in construction come from complications that occur along the way. Tight budgets, costly building code issues, historic preservation, rigorous schedules, hazardous material abatement, and phased construction are all problems that come up frequently. We have the resources to simplify these complexities, saving time and money. Spectrum saves project dollars throughout the life of the project. Our client and architect references testify to our consistent success at meeting our goal of Client Satisfaction.


Tom Cella in the attic of one of the first jobs Spectrum had.
Tom Cella paid his way through school by working as a carpenter, framer and even became an apprentice to a plumber to familiarize himself with the trade. Tom enjoyed working with his hands so much that he left college and found his calling as a general contractor.

In the 1970s Charlie Simpson owned Emerson General Contractors where Tom Cella and Hank Wierman began their careers. In 1978, Tom and Hank formed the idea to start their own small company out of a single detached garage off 14th & Fairfax in Denver. The entire company was just Tom, Hank, a truck and pot belly stove that they put in their garage.

Spectrum slowly grew by working on one project at a time. Charlie Simpson joined the Spectrum team in 1996 which helped cement relationships within historical restoration.

Today, Spectrum has grown to an 18,000 Sq Ft. facility with over 50 employees and a multitude of in-house shops.

Hank Wierman outside the single detached garage Spectrum started in.
Spectrum Name

Tom and Hank had trouble coming up with a name for the company, so they tried the old fashioned way; pulling one out of a hat.
Tom’s daughter was appointed as the selector and pulled out the name “Excalibur.” Tom did not care for the title and decided to go with Spectrum instead.

Originally they wanted to go with Spectrum Builders, but another company had already taken the name. So they became Spectrum Enterprises for ten years until they realized that they were general contractors as opposed to an enterprise and the name became Spectrum General Contractors, Inc. and has remained so to this day.


Spectrum General Contractors is a second generation, and family-owned firm centered around relationships. Our corporate focus on building partnerships applies to our employees as much as it does for our clients and peers in the community.

We value the contributions of each employee and are committed to ensuring that they can take pride in their work as well as have a fulfilling career. We strive for Spectrum to provide uniquely rewarding work experience. We believe that our team agrees as evidenced by our low employee turnover rate, and the fact that we have had multi-decade relationships with many of our employees. In multiple cases, generations of families have called themselves part of the Spectrum team.

Leadership Team

Brion Doyle


Spectrum GC


John Lanphier

Vice President



Graham Johnson

Vice President



Project Managers

Wade Warden

Anson Brown

Jeff Pring

Jonas Landes

Thomas Blair

Jeff Hartman

Operations Manager