Noted preservation architect Carl Elefante famously coined the phrase, “The greenest building is the one that is already built.” Here at Spectrum General Contractors we also believe that the greenest window is the one that is already in place. We have spent the last decade perfecting and continually updating our shop and restoration practices in order to provide the highest quality services for historic window and door restoration in the Rocky Mountain West.

Our shop dedicated specifically to the tasks of window, door and historic millwork restoration is capable of restorations ranging from the smallest residence to the largest office building and everything in between. We have a strong working relationship with one of Denver’s most renowned stained glass artists and have worked in cooperation to restore and install protective glazing in many local churches.

The staff at our shop are well versed in every aspect of window restoration and possess the diverse skill set required to seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology with old world craftsmanship. Our restoration process closely follows accepted restoration and repair procedures as outlined by the National Parks Service in addition to constant improvement through in house research and development.

In addition to performing restoration for projects managed by Spectrum we are happy to offer restoration services and professional crews as a subcontractor for other GC’s or stand alone restoration services for building owners, homeowners and public entities.

Why Should You Restore Historic Windows?

So often the lure and romance of historic buildings lies in the details that have survived in spite of the continuing roll of years. Windows and doors are integral façade elements that help to convey a building’s integrity and sense of history. In addition to aesthetic advantages, the benefits of historic windows reach much further than charm or good looks. 

Properly restored windows require only simple maintenance to ensure a lifetime of trouble free service. Typically constructed using old growth wood, historic window sash and frames are stronger and more rot resistant than contemporary wood replacements. Single pane glass, while slightly less efficient than modern double or triple pane units, will not cloud, condense or degrade with time. Thermal efficiency of new glazing units can be matched or surpassed using complimentary storm windows.

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What To Expect From A Spectrum Restoration?

When Spectrum General Contractors completes a window restoration, it is our first and foremost goal that our client is presented with historic windows that retain historic character while functioning better than new. We begin by removing all sashes for restoration offsite at our shop. Temporary enclosures are custom made to fit each opening and provide natural daylight through the length of the restoration.

Once the sashes have been removed, frame restoration commences on site and sash restoration in the shop. Old glazing is removed and original glass saved for later installation. All lose and flaking paint is removed and surfaces prepped for painting with care to preserve original window profiles.

Each window and frame is independently evaluated and, if necessary, repairs with epoxy consolidation or replacement of deteriorated elements are completed. Repaired sash and frames are then painted with a high quality primer and multiple finish coats. During restoration, original window locks, lifts and pulleys are also stripped of any paint and reconditioned to provide useful service once again.

Before the restored sash are reinstalled, state-of-the-art, non-intrusive weather stripping is retrofitted to each window to ensure a tight air seal in each opening. Many weather stripping options exist and Spectrum can work to match common original styles while integrating modern technology.

Several other rehabilitation options may be added to any window restoration including aluminum or steel sillpans to protect window sills from deterioration, various high-performance window films for UV protection, Low-E performance and solar glare and several different types of glass to aid in noise mitigation or enhanced building security. Our stock of antique glass and historic window hardware may also be used to match missing or damaged original elements. We are always willing to work to meet client needs and would be happy to discuss specific requirements and cost options.